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Our logo is adapted from one of Indonesian classic batik patterns which is Batik Truntum. Batik Truntum is a type of Indonesian classic batik that continuously preserved until now. Truntum pattern was created by Kanjeng Ratu Kencana (Sunan Paku Buwana III’s empress) which has mean as revive love. Batik Truntum is also a sign of love that sincere, everlasting, and bloom the longer it grows.

Our Service

Workshop and Training

We provide various trainings for NGO in financial management area. The workshops/trainings would be ...

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Help Desk

We provide around the clock consultancy where our client can contact the assigned consultant any time ...

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Remote Consultancy

Having the clients all over the country, we provide remote consultancy where the consultancy mechanism ...

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Accounting System

We believe that every NGO is unique, hence no accounting system and procedures is exactly similar ...

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Financial Management Assessment

We provide financial management assessment service so that the organization and the relevant stake ...

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Various Non-Assurance Services

We provide various non-assurance services for NGO such as: Accounting Assistance in Preparation ...

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Who are we?

HMC NGO Consulting is an independent consulting firm based in Semarang, Indonesia. We provide financial consultancy and support service especially for NGO. We have spent over 10 years in capacity building activities for NGOs across the countries with various issues and characteristics. We believe that with our competence and experiences we would provide the proper solution to financial management issues for your NGO.

We are here to help our NGO clients in providing suitable solution in financial management area with various methods such as pre-checking on documents, remote consultancy, on-site consultancy, and joint training.

We blend with our NGO client to analyse and understand the problems they faced as well to assess the financial management condition and capacity improvement they need.

We offer custom solutions based on each organization financial management problems and condition.

We monitor the follow up of our previous recommendations to ensure it have been implemented accordingly.

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